Photos from the
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Los Angeles Premiere
Pacific Design Center - April 23, 2002

From the collection of Don P. Behrns, Jimmy and Ricky Tavarez

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(Pacific Ocean Park Pier - POP)


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Tony Alva and Chuck Dukowski (original bassist for Black Flag)
Photo: Anette Zilinskas

Zephyr Skate Team
Photo: Anette Zilinskas

Local POP homies.
Photo: Anette Zilinskas

Paul Constantineau and Jim Muir.
Photo: Anette Zilinskas

Jeff Ho, JT
He was the KING, the MAN.
Look what you started!

Tony Alva and Chuck Dukowski
Photo: Anette Zilinskas

Brad Ellman - nice to finally meet you.
His website ROCKS! Thanks for doing such a great job on the Z-Boys website.
Email me if you ever need any help.
Check out for shit loads of stories and pics about the origial Z-Boys.

Jimmy and Pat Kaiser - Pat and his brother Kevin were Bay St. originals and fixtures at Santa Monica and the Cove - POP. Pat still surfs regularly. This guy has some great Cove stories.
Pearl Street...YEA!
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Anyone know how much this board is worth?

Click here to see pics of some of the guys who surfed the COVE
(Pacific Ocean Park Pier - POP)

Pacific Ocean Park, Venice , Santa Monica Bay Surfers
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jeff ho, skip engblom, micky dora, wayne saunders, craig preycon, wayne inoye, adrian reif, ronnie jay, craig crossland, phil gilinswan, kevin west, john baum, linda davis, jeff kyron, linda bennish, dana wolf, mark kusack, mark amos, dane lewis, barry amos, rusty lew, bruce grant, eric "bucky" egstrom, david isackson, marco salazar, john orlando, wes humpston, kevin kaiser, pat kaiser, bill urbany, mike oliveras, craig stecyk, john hathorn, ernie valdez, doug irvine, kevin gleed, buddy foster, alan sarlo, nathan pratt, kevin kakadelis, anton maglic, danny sadler, joe smith, mike smith, doug smith, brad wiess, mike riggins, rodney krepps, joe fallon, mike maguire, jeff sibley, john pohmisano, terry welsh, kenny ebbe, tom harmon, stacy peralta, scott mcmaster, paul byron, dean bird, lisa cooper, russell weber, warren weber, terry gowins, paul gowins, tim gowins, margie mcgrath, , everette mcgrath, phillip mcgrath, jeff boone, jane yamashita, debbie romo, kurt hansen, jim poulsen, pat ward, frank long, brian walker, billy richardson, gwen bischoff, pat sleeper, jerry bendewish, ronnie cunningham, kelly richardson, mat walters, billy scheaffer, gigi vesota, david gradwohl, buddy foster, diana morales, chris guthrie, dwane brown, john mahony, kevin mccomb, randy alioth, kirk webb, larry russell, richard earhart, steve casillas, joe padilla, jimmy davey, moses padilla, brian harnack, scotty hill, bob siminoff, brian pixler, jay goldberg, myron hyman, steve nemzer, judy swain, kathy payne, angela primo, gerry raquipo, mike raquipo, mike szeliga, frank kelley,chris panza, barry la vette, nick stiman, mark bryant, dean harvey, bob ogan, steve ogan, shogo kubo, bob beniak, ricky tavarez, dexter green, george poptsis, chris valentine, sean valentine, nelson valentine, sam stone, david stone, chris faber, roger thompson, brian thompson, craig hollingsworth, darryl genis, dean hollingsworth, dale gunder gary gunder, jimmy navarro, chris smith, mark egbert, lonnie ott, mark ruby, tommy falahee, brian falahee, jay riddle, gary delorme, ruben villasenor, greg callis, mark temkin, kelly thomas, mike kurilich, jessie vargas, kathy kazuki, gloria morales, ernie raquepo, steve earhart, andy rothstein, harold rothstein, mike gordan, erik martin, jonnie baca, maui loa, jimmy grant, mike missage, stephen haig, guy okazaki, clyde beatty, steve lewis, mike perry, jay blodgett, mike dunnigan, craig harris, kim holland, mike hines, ron winkleman, nancy smith, john allen, scott moselle, carolyn jensen, deb ingram, janet tikker, jim tikker, tim alatore, mike rayner, big lug, larry primo, stu horton, david latchford, larry latchford....

As members of the Zephyr Surf Team during the 70s, Ricky Tavarez and myself, Jimmy Tavarez were invited to the Los Angeles Premier of Dogtown and Z-Boys. My Fathers surf films (Don Behrns, who shot POP surf footage of Jeff Ho and others) were used in the Dogtown and Z-Boys film. Many a night, I would take the POP surf films and show them at friends houses, the Bay St. house and at Roz Cramers lunch hour surf movie fests at Venice High School. Those were the days! (Other members of our family in attendance included Richard and Steven Tavarez, Andrea Tavarez, Angie Dorame Behrns and Stacey Turnure).
Photos: Stacey Turnure, Jimmy Tavarez and Bobby Hancock.
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