Photos from the
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Los Angeles Premiere
Pacific Design Center - April 23, 2002

From the collection of Don P. Behrns, Jimmy and Ricky Tavarez

The COVE, Pacific Ocean Park Pier
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Jimmy Tavarez and Stacy Peralta
Stacy and I got swats for leaving campus during lunch. Now everyone knows Stacy.

Ricky Tavarez and Jimmy Tavarez
Bones Brothers - Zephyr Surf Team
Ricky could rip the lefts to pieces!

Bobby Hancock (Pinebluff, NC Ghetto Boy Skate Team), Stacy Peralta, Jimmy Tavarez

Jimmy Tavarez, Fred Durst
Break something Fred

This is where it all started, Main Street and Bay Street.... Santa Monica, California.
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Anyone know how much this board is worth?

Click here to see pics of some of the guys who surfed the COVE
(Pacific Ocean Park Pier - POP)
Photos taken by Stacey Turnure, Jimmy Tavarez and Bobby Hancock.
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