Photos from the
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Los Angeles Premiere
Pacific Design Center - April 23, 2002

From the collection of Don P. Behrns, Jimmy and Ricky Tavarez

The COVE, Pacific Ocean Park Pier
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Billy Yuron (his son far right) and friends

Henry Rollins, JT
Who's a liar?

Paul, Jimmy, Bob, Ricky

Steve Ogan, "ROCK"
Steve and his brother Bob Ogan introduced skateboarding to Shogo Kubo.


Hey Paul how are your sisters
Donna and Diane?
Remember the blue Chevy Vega?

Andrea Tavarez, *Don Behrns, Rick Tavarez, Angie Dorame Behrns, Jimmy Tavarez

*Don Behrns, my father, took the surf footage of the POP Pier that was used in the Dogtown movie using his Nizo Super 8 Camera. He also worked on films such as Halloween with John Carpenter and in TVs LA LAW.

JT, *Chris Dawson, Steven Tavarez, Andrea Tavarez, *Richard Tavarez "JR" and Ricky Tavarez

*Chris Dawson skated on the 60s Hobie Skate Team and was recruited as a coach to help the Z-Boys learn some of the old skate tricks.
*Richard Tavarez "JR" currently works at Horizons West Surf Shop, the original location of the Zephy/Jeff Ho surf shop.

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Anyone know how much this board is worth?


Click here to see pics of some of the guys who surfed the COVE
(Pacific Ocean Park Pier - POP)
Photos taken by Stacey Turnure, Jimmy Tavarez and Bobby Hancock.
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